Freeware version

A freeware version is available to allow complete testing before purchasing a license. While it is almost fully functional, it does have some annoying limitations, which are designed to encourage you to purchase a license.

It is not for commercial use and shouldn't be installed on production machines creating customer DVD's.

We encourage the use of the freeware version at home for uploading the weekend's jumps to YouTube and for creating and testing new templates. The more people at your dropzone who also have a copy at home, the better educated your camera people will be with the software. Sooner or later, your staff will be customising your templates with their own little tweaks and additions. This situation is ideal.

The freeware version has the following limitations.


Sending usage statistic and the offer to send error reports  is turned on and disabled


Maximum of three different Sony Vegas templates


Maximum of three music tracks per section


USB flash drive settings are set to Swoopware and cannot be changed


The photo prefix is set to Swoopware and cannot be changed


Only the location for YouTube upload information can be changed