Getting started

It's easier than you think.

  1. Install Sony Vegas, Sony DVD Architect and Swoopware TandemVids.

  2. Start TandemVids.

  3. Open the Options Screen using Tools -> Options and select the Files tab.

  4. Check your working folder is where you would like it to be - the default is the drive with the most free space.

  5. Ensure your local projects folder where customer videos are archived is set to a suitable location with plenty of free space.

  6. On the DVD tab, check the rendering engines are set for your country - the default is Australian PAL so switch to NTSC if you are in the US.

  7. On the Test tab, enter the maximum length of your expected customer video and click the Create DVD button.

  8. Two blank files are created in your working folder using the settings on the DVD tab - DVD.mpg and DVD.ac3.

  9. These two files are placeholders for your DVD Architect project and are replaced with each new customer video.

  10. Create a DVD Architect template using the previously created DVD.mpg file as the source media - the audio file with the same name is picked up automatically.

  11. Write protect your DVD Architect template - place a deny write tick on the security tab for the file within Windows.

  12. On the DVD tab, browse and select the DVD Architect template you created in step 10.

  13. Build a Vegas template with at least one empty event - see the Vegas section for details.

  14. On the Burn tab, import your Sony Vegas template into TandemVids.

  15. On the Events tab, configure and name your empty events.

  16. On the Burn tab, enter the customer details.

  17. Browse and select music for each section - repeat freefall can be left blank if not used.

  18. Select the desired Sony Vegas template - it should already be selected after importing.

  19. Click the media button and browse to the source media on your Flash card - this folder is remembered for future customers and media is loaded automatically when you insert your card.

  20. You are now ready to burn a DVD.

  21. Before committing to a live DVD burn, tick the "Enable test mode" option on the Test tab so you can double check the Vegas project is being created and populated correctly.