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TandemVids - Automated Skydiving Videos TandemVids - Automated Skydiving Videos TandemVids - Automated Skydiving Videos TandemVids - Automated Skydiving Videos
A year in the making and ready now for deployment, TandemVids uses Sony Vegas Professional to fully automate the production of skydiving USB, DVDs and Blu-ray videos.

Insert the flash card from your camera, enter your customer's name, select their music, and click Go. The entire editing, archiving, and burning process is fully automated. You can go jumping.

The beauty is the versatility. You create your own customised templates with empty events ready to accept the source media from your camera. There are no restrictions to the layout of your templates. Be creative!

Tick a box and we'll extract photos from your footage or import them from an SLR camera. Tick another box and the video will automatically be uploaded to YouTube.

At any stage in the future, you can easily find your customer's video and burn a Blu-ray.

The days of editing each and every skydiving video are over. Check out the screenshots and download a freeware version today. 

Please check the help documentation and FAQ's to get you started with configuration.
Please note: Magix Vegas Versions 14 and 15 are not currently supported by TandemVids but we're working on it. Further information is available in the forum.
Photos reproduced with permission from the photographer.
Please notify us about any breach of copyright.
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