Frequently asked questions

Which version of Vegas should I buy?
  • Vegas Studio does not work with TandemVids as it has no scripting capability. You need Vegas professional.

  • Vegas Pro Edit is fine if you only deliver online or USB and never plan to deliver DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Vegas Pro includes DVD Architect and is required if you ever plan to deliver DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Vegas Pro 365 is new and hasn’t been tested. Theoretically it should work as it’s just Vegas Pro but on a subscription based license. It may have subtle changes that break TandemVids.
  • Vegas Pro Suite has some additional third party software that is not required by TandemVids but may be useful.
What computer should I buy?

This is not an easy question to answer as every operation and budget is different.

TandemVids is a plugin for Vegas so start with the system requirements under the Vegas specifications.

We have released some benchmarks with explanations about the computers used and related forum posts linked at the end.

Where do I start?
There is a quick getting started guide available here.
Can you activate my license?

Your license will activate automatically provided TandemVids has access to the Internet.

If you're using a firewall to block Vegas from the internet, you're also blocking TandemVids.

To double check TandemVids has Internet access, go to Help | Check for updates and ensure the website version is displayed. You need to refresh manually on older versions of TandemVids.

Everything locks up when exporting photos and I have to kill it using Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Is there a fix to this?

This is a Vegas bug. It's caused by saving a snapshot or photo while the video preview window is closed. To fix the issue, close TandemVids, open an instance of Vegas, open the Video Preview Window (Alt + 4) or reset Vegas window layouts to defaults, then close Vegas and restart TandemVids.

It was documented and added to the list of bugs for Vegas 9. I added some detail to the bug report and showed how to reproduce it with a new project and a single line of code. The bug still exists in Vegas 15.

A workaround is to use the new FFmpeg utility to capture photos in TandemVids 2018. Tools | Options | Processing | Use the faster FFmpeg utility to export photos.

When I process a video it tells me I have so many source media to fill zero empty events.

You need to insert empty video and audio events into your Vegas template. Right click a track in Vegas and select Insert empty event. Each empty event in Vegas is populated by the selected source media. The order from left to right along the Vegas timeline, regardless of the track directly relates to the listed order of the source media. There is a short Vegas video tutorial on the website. I'll update it when I get a chance.

Why is the end of my DVD missing?

DVD Architect will automatically shrink the timeline to accommodate shorter videos but will not expand the timeline to allow for longer videos. When you create your DVD template, you need to use the black video created from the test tab. This video needs to be longer than any video you'll ever create. You must set the DVD Architect template to read-only to ensure any shorter DVDs are not accidentally saved with a truncated timeline. The little yellow triangle in DVD Architect marks the end of the timeline. Ensure this is dragged all the way to the end of your black video.

Why are my source media files out of order?

The source media files are sorted alphabetically, not chronologically. If the filenames on the card are not sequentially numbered, they will be out of order. We experienced this issue on the weekend. The first two files on each jump were reversed. Formatting the flash card rectified the issue.

Andrew identified another cause of this issue. On the CX100, if you split a file, it deletes the old file and creates two new files. A new file after this will then be named the same as the deleted file. In other words, files 1,2,3 are on the camera, if you split 2, you end up with 1,3,4,5 and then record a new file, the newest file will assume the name of the missing file, 1,2,3,4,5. The correct chronological order would actually be 1,4,5,3,2

The same situation will occur if you delete a file. If you have 1,2,3,4,5 and delete 2 then the next file recorded will be named 2.

Avoid editing files in the camera. Use TandemVids if you need to delete or split any videos.

Why are my Blu-ray discs all black?

This is because I've messed up the help documentation. When you create the DVD Architect template do NOT prepare or burn it. That way, when TandemVids starts the burn process, the "Use current project" option will be selected and the disc will be created with the customer's video. The next version will have an additional key stroke to force this selection.

I've released a version with this fix but it's mid life-cycle so only install it if you have this specific problem. Treat it as you would a beta release.

I receive a Cypres Fire message. Can you fix it?

You need to provide me with more information. Open the Windows Event Log and find the Swoopware error under Windows Logs, Application. Copy and paste the details when emailing me so I know where to begin.

Further instructions can be found in the following forum post

What's the best rendering engine to use for USB and YouTube?

I tend to use MP4, which should play on most TV's, Macs and PCs without any special software.

The default Sony Vegas templates require customisation detailed in this forum post.

Is the software compatible with Apple Mac?

No, TandemVids is not supported on Apple Macs.

TandemVids uses Sony Vegas Professional, which has not been released for the Mac. Vegas was recently purchased by Magix. I haven't heard any rumours about a Mac version but if Vegas is ever released for Mac, TandemVids could potentially support the Mac.

I've just installed TandemVids and I receive a Cypres Fire followed by an Invalid Database message. What's going on? Fixed: V2018.0.0.0

This is usually caused by running "TandemVids.msi" instead of "Setup TandemVids.exe". The EXE file downloads and installs software required by TandemVids and then runs the MSI file to install TandemVids.

Ensure you have an Internet connection and run the EXE file. It will download and install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2. This software is required by TandemVids. When it starts installing TandemVids again, you can cancel or repair. Makes no difference.

You can also install SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 manually. On 64 bit machines you must run both the 32 bit and the 64 bit installers in that order. The installers can be downloaded from

Is there a way to remove/hide unused Vegas templates from the 'Burn' and 'Events' tabs? Fixed: V2018.0.0.0

Select the template on the Burn tab, right click and choose delete.

Is Magix Vegas 14 Supported? Fixed: V2018.0.0.0

Yes, Magix Vegas Version 14 is supported with TandemVids 2018

Is Magix Vegas 15 Supported? Fixed: V2018.0.0.0
Yes, Magix Vegas Version 15 is supported with TandemVids 2018
Is Magix Vegas 16 Supported? Fixed: V2018.0.12.0

Yes, Magix Vegas Version 16 is supported with TandemVids 2018.0.12.0

Why are my photos blurry? Fixed: V2018.0.0.0

TandemVids loads a default project into Vegas and uses this new project to export photos. You have to ensure the Vegas default project dimensions and frames per second match your source media.

The most common cause is cameras set to PAL and the default project in Vegas set to NTSC.

Close TandemVids and open Vegas on it's own.
Select File | Properties
Set the project to match your source media. For most countries, use 1920 x 1080 and 25fps (PAL). For USA use 30fps (NTSC)
Tick the box to start all new projects with these settings.

Some further information in this forum post.

TandemVids 2018 - Everything freezes and the progress tab is stuck at "Clearing the work area." Fixed: V2018.0.10.0

TandemVids does not support Magix Vegas V15 build 216. It locks files and TandemVids can't delete them. This was fixed in Magix Vegas 15 build 261.

The latest version of TandemVids checks the Vegas build, displays a warning and doesn't start when using Vegas 15 builds 177 and 216.